Personal Training with Injury

Ken Stasiak

Playing basketball I fractured my tibial plateau, and hyperextended my knee (PCL). The doctor said I might have to have surgery to repair the torn PCL. Having to be on crutches for two months without the ability to put pressure on my fractured leg, I turned to Adam for training. After two months of intense training, I returned to the doctor for a final X-ray. My fractured had healed, and my luckily my PCL did not need surgery. A year later Adam and I decided to open The Set Fitness. I guess I can say it was a good think I fractured my leg. Still going strong and still hitting the group classes at The Set.

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About The Set Fitness

The Set Fitness is moving to an exciting new location in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We tailor our fitness and nutrition programs to help you reach your goals on your schedule.